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Horizontal End Suction Pumps

Back to Basics: Pump Types – End Suction Vs. Double Suction

There are often multiple pump types (Table 1) that can be selected for the same water application, with each pump type having its own strengths and weaknesses. This column tries to help guide the reader in the selection of the best pump type that will yield the greatest reliability and lowest life cycle cost for a specific application.

Excerpt from the WaterWorld August 2011 issue by Allan R. Burdis

End Suction Water Pumps

An end suction water pump would probably have the lowest initial cost for most applications, with reasonable efficiency. However, these pumps do not follow any standards, especially with regard to bearing life, shaft seal housings and dimensional interchangeability. They are also typically constructed with the lowest cost materials, such as cast iron casings with bronze or brass impellers. The impellers are typically of closed construction, without replaceable casing or impeller wearing rings. Further, there is typically more deviation from published performance, such as efficiency, for this pump type.

Rotary Pump Power

For non-critical, intermittent service applications these pumps may be the best choice. However, for critical applications, requiring long operating life, the cost of maintenance and down time may far exceed any initial cost savings.


End Suction ANSI/ASME B-73 Pumps

Chemical pumps (figure 1), which can handle corrosive, and/or toxic liquids and slurries, are available in a variety of configurations and materials. Pumps used in this industry are different from those used in other industries, primarily in the materials of construction and the many mechanical shaft seal configurations available. These pumps must also meet the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ANSI B73 standards, which require dimensional interchangeability, minimum bearing life, and many other quality specifications. The minimum casing material is ductile iron, with stainless steel being quite common. Typical construction is an adjustable open impeller, which is also good at handling entrained air.

Because of these upgraded features, reliability focused users will typically select an ANSI/ASME B-73 pump over a lower cost water pump for other critical applications, including water services.

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A Complete Line of Pumps for Industry

Vertiflo Pump Company’s Vertical Sump Centrifugal Pumps, Horizontal End Suction Centrifugal Pumps and self-priming pumps are delivered fast, usually in half the typical lead time. Vertiflo’s vertical sump pump line offers up to 3000 GPM, 250′ Heads and 26′ depth. The horizontal end suction pump line offers up to 3000 GPM and 300’ Heads.

Vertiflo pumps are designed for nonresidential applications and currently over 20,000 are operating successfully worldwide. Vertiflo is recognized as a quality manufacturer of dependable pumps, and continues to grow and encompass new applications in the pump industry.