Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

Pumping Solids In Chemical Processing Applications

Centrifugal Pumps for Pumping Solids In Chemical Processing Applications

Excerpt from Process Industry Informer, Oct. 15, 2015, by Malcolm Walker

Pumps designed to handle solids are often not the cheapest option. However, when you consider the costs of maintenance, production downtime, or even cleaning up escaped corrosive liquids, they often represent the cost-effective option for many applications.

Consider the centrifugal pump when selecting pumps for handling solids. There is a misconception that there aren’t any chemically-resistant centrifugal pumps capable of handling solids. It is a situation that needs correcting.

Horizontal Centrifugal Pump
Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pumps featuring a stainless steel vortex impeller provide an excellent and well-proven solution. In operation, a whirlpool effect is formed in the volute by the rotating recessed cup-shaped impeller extending into the suction line, drawing the liquid/solids into the pump and then quickly through the discharge.

This motion minimizes the fluid/solids contact with the impeller and volute. It is a simple design that allows solids to pass through the pump without choking the impeller, so considerably reducing pump wear and the potential for blockages.

The fully recessed cup-shaped impeller and free passageways within the pump casing offer almost total freedom from blockages where solids and fibrous materials can be encountered in process waste water treatment plants.

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